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We are a small Bulgarian language school specialising in the teaching of Bulgarian as a second language. We give Bulgarian lessons in Veliko Tarnovo - private lessons and group based classes.

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Veliko Tarnovo

You will learn Bulgarian in the charming old capital of Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo. Ancient fortress, breathtaking scenery and lots of places of interest nearby. You'll enjoy your Bulgarian lessons in this fantastic university city.

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About us

We provide Bulgarian lessons to both foreign visitors and Bulgarian university students. We provide lessons on an individual lesson by lesson basis and also discounts for courses lasting for 1 week or longer.

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What our students say

"The Bulgarian classes were so challenging and interesting that I was engrossed by the way we were taught the language. It was a pleasure to participate in the classes. I increased my knowledge and learned new things, I enjoyed myself, because there was no stress or tension, but a natural and friendly relationship...."

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Bulgarian lessons online

So you can get started straight away i've prepared a few short Bulgarian lessons that you can follow. Even without my help you'll see that you can learn the Bulgarian alphabet, Bulgarian phrases and get used to the Bulgarian pronounciation.

Bulgarian alphabet

Bulgarian alphabet (part 2)

Reading Bulgarian

Bulgarian phrases

Bulgarian words & phrases
learn Bulgarian and the Bulgarian alphabet in Bulgaria with Bulgarian lessons